Hey guys over at the official Call of Duty Site Optic Vahn (David Vonderhaar) posted a thread on the forums giving the community an update on the changes to the leveling system and what we can expect when Black Ops 2 launches and he is looking for Feed Back. This is a follow up to David’s last thread on the difference between Dead Silence and Awareness.

Personally after reading this post I am a little excited. It’s nice to see that the amount of XP needed to prestige is back along the lines of Call of Duty 4 and World at War to me those games made it challenging to prestige but it was quick enough were it never felt like a grind.

Like the games in the past create a class will be locked till Players hit the level 4 for most of the community this will take one game maybe two at tops. During the course of leveling up the player is rewarded 1 unlock token every time they level up so when you hit level 4 you will have 4 tokens.  At level 4 the player will be rewarded with their tokens and they will be given about “A dozen things you can equip “For Free”

  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 1 SMG
  • 1 LMG
  • 1 Shotgun
  • 1 Sniper Rifle
  • 1 Perk from each of the 3 perk categories
  • 1 lethal grenade
  • 1 tactical grenade/equipment”

Vahn then goes on to state that the players will also be given about “A dozen” choice of things to unlock from along with the choice of a “Wildcard”. This means that when you hit level 4 and are able to create a class you will be able to have about 16 things unlocked that you will be allowed to build your class with after you spend your 4 points.

You get a perk at level 5. You get equipment at level 6.

 At level 7 we unlock Scorestreaks. You get 3 for free and 3 you can optionally spend unlock tokens on.

 At level 8 we give you a Perk. At level 9 we give you new Scorestreak.

 At level 10, we start to settle into a pattern. Their are exceptions, but the pattern is generally like this. At every major rank change, which is every 3 levels, we give you a gun and usually “something else” as a bonus for reaching a major rank change.”

This means that by level 10 your character will have unlocks for every category to spend tokens on if you choose to do so.  At level 10 your character will have been rewarded 10 unlock tokens and around 15 unlocks for free basically allowing you 25 different items to use in your pick 10 set up.

In general, it goes like this.

Level 10 – Weapon + Something Else

Level 11 – Equipment (either lethal or tatical).

Level 12 – Scorestreak

 This pattern then repeats through all 55 levels with some minor statstical variations or bonuses when they make sense and because they math can’t be perfect.”

At level 10 we will see the ranking and leveling system forming into a pattern which repeats through all 55 levels of the game falling more in line to what the community has grown use to over the last few years.

One of my favorite things about from what the community is hearing from Black Ops 2 is how everything has been redesigned. Call of Duty needed to be changed up for a while now and the pick 10 and new leveling system makes it clear that Treyarch is listing to the community. While we still don’t have details on the new prestige system I hope it’s as fresh as the new create a class and leveling system.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what you guys think and be sure to share with your friends. As always be sure to follow us on twitter to keep updated for the latest news.

Also if you don’t like something about the new Leveling system or maybe you have some feedback that you think could be used to help perfect the system or maybe a nice little addition be sure to hope over to the official thread and be sure to let Vahn know.  Remember when posting though to keep it professional because after all we are not just Call of Duty fans but ambassadors of a new sport!

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