Call of Duty Black Ops 2 the end of MLG Classes?

For Years now the competitive community has been setting the bar for which weapons, attachments, and perks are the best in the game. In Call of Duty 4 you had the M16, Dead Silence, and Stopping powers in you had the Famas, lightweight, sleight of hand, and dead silence in Black Ops.

Recently more multiplayer information has been coming down the pipelines and it has been revealed that every gun, perk, attachment is able to be tuned post game release and David Vonderhaar has promised that he is going to keep on top of balance issues.

With the release of this information it raises an important question in regards to the eSports community are we finally going to see the end of the “PRO” classes and see players finally being able to fine tune there set ups for their style of play?

With the Pick 10 system in Black Ops 2 not only will players be able to customize their set up for their exact type of game play, players will be able to build classes to compliment the roll their playing. For example if you’re playing Objective you will be able to build your class to help you stay alive longer if your guarding your objectives and move faster if your making flag runs. If you’re playing a Slayer you will be able to focus more on guns and less on perks allowing you to rack up more kills and help you dominate the other team more effectively while getting greater map control for your team.

What is has become clear from the information that has been released over the last week though is that Treyarch is working hard to build a system that can be custom tailored to your style of play. No longer will you have to use the MLG Classes as they are simply the best the fact of the matter is if one build, gun, perk, or even attachment becomes the go to for the community Treyarch has built in the necessary tools to bring it back in line with the rest of pick 10 system that have never been available before.

It’s clear to all now that the future is black the real question now though is the future finally MLG Class free?

What are your thoughts do you think we will finally see the end of the MLG classes being set in stone? Or do you think that even with the work Treyarch has put into the game a select few weapons will always be the best and will always be the set ups that the players in the competitive community are using?

Let us know your thoughts

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