Call of Duty Elite Season 3.

A few weeks ago Call of Duty Elite TV kicked of Friday Night Lights Season 3. Their doing things differently this around with a 8 Team Invitational Single Elimination Tournament. These 8 teams are competing for $10,000 in cold hard cash, well actually probably a check. Each of these teams will also be invited to Treyarch Studios to play Black Ops 2 early. Each week they will show a match up between two teams playing a best of 3.

The 8 Teams invited to play:

PMS Clan
Twisted Method

Now, before you jump right into the Season hoping to watch OpTic and see Scumpii, Rambo, Merk, and Big Tymer play, that’s not quite what you’ll see. The OpTic Team is made up of OpTic NadeShot, TwiZz Nv, FeaR Assass1n, and Fake. Still a very strong team and a favorite to win the tournament. The teams that were invited are mostly teams that competed in the Call of Duty XP Event.

Make sure to tune in every Friday Night and watch some exciting gameplay and trash talking with Mike “Hastr0” Rufail and Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt coaching each team and casting the event. You even have iJustine as host.

Unfortunately, you will have to be a Call of Duty Elite member to watch the show. Who will win the $10,000 and bragging rights? Finals are in two weeks!

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