UMG Chicago 10k Pro Team Roster Breakdowns

The first 10k Black Ops 2 LAN event it set to occur this weekend from December 28-30th hosted by UMG Gaming.

It has already been confirmed that the tournament will be performing at top capacity with a large number of teams attending, but which of the professional teams are making their debut LAN appearance in just a few days? Without further adieu, lets take a few moments to recognize the teams with their current rosters and how each is projected to perform at the event.

 compLexity Gaming

Currently the top team in Black Ops 2, compLexity Gaming’s new Call of Duty team consist of Aches, Crimsix, Fears, and TeePee. Known for having an aggressive playstle, compLexity took the first major tournament of the year by force when they were crowned champions of Frag Cup 4. While we haven’t seen any LAN events for the game yet, many are putting their money on compLexity for UMG.

Team Information:
  • Damod “FEARS” Abney — Twitter: @coL_IFEARS
  • Ian “Crimsix” Porter — Twitter: @coL_Crimsix
  • Patrick “Aches” Price — Twitter: @coL_Aches
  • Tyler “Teepee” Polchow — Twitter: @coL_TeePee


Team EnVyUs

While many had worried that the team would not be able to attend UMG due to last minute roster issues, they have confirmed that they will be attending with the set lineup of Censor, JKap, Proofy, and StainVille. More than accomplished in their own rites, nV is one of those teams that has always been recognized as Top Lan Performers, and is looking to take home yet another title this weekend.

 Team Information:

  • Jordan “Proofy” Cannon – Twitter: @Jcannon_nV
  • Tosh “StaiNViLLe” Mcgruder – Twitter: @iStaiNViLLe
  • Jordan “JKap” Kaplan – Twitter: @Jkap415
  • Doug “CeNSoR” Martin – @MLGCeNSoR


One of the few teams that dates back further than the first installment of Black Ops, Obey remains a “house name” in the community since Breezy’s founding of the team. Their roster for UMG is Beezy, Burns, Blfire and TriZy. This group of well seasoned competitive players has come together to form Obey’s competitive roster for the Black Ops 2 circuit year, packing more of a punch than they ever have.

Team Information:
  • Mike “Breezy” Gaetano – Twitter: @Obey_BreeZy
  • Brandon “Trizy” Ferraro – Twitter: @Obey_TriZy
  • Matthew “Burns” Potthoff – Twitter: @Obey_BURNS
  • Mike “BlFire” G. – Twitter: @Obey_Blfire



With an extensive list of accomplishments from each individual player that date back to Call of Duty 4, FaZe has joined forces with 4 Nothing to bring the squad of NameLeSs, LyaR, PHiZZURP, and TwiZz to UMG this weekend. While only a team for around 2 weeks now, FaZe has already proven that they are a team with versatile players, able to take up any position and quick to adapt to any situation.

Team Information
  •  Anothony “NameLeSs” Wheeler – Twitter: @FaZe_NamLeSs
  • Ray “LyaR” – Twitter: FaZeLyaR
  • Phillip “PHiZZURP” Klassic – Twitter: @FaZe_PHiZZURP
  • Eric “TwiZz” Servello – Twitter: @FaZeTwiZz



A team that comprises of players known for being in the Top 10 list of slayers, Fariko delivers brutal pushes in any gametype. The squad of John, Karma, Killa, and TuQuick bring to the table a playstyle that has only been matched(and beaten) by compLexity. They have well established themselves as a team to be reckoned with this competitive season.

Team Information
  • Damon “Karma“ Barlow – Twitter: @Fariko_DKarma
  • Johnathan “MR. John” Perez – Twitter:@Fariko_John
  • Aaron “TuQuick“ – Twitter: @Fariko_TuQuick
  • Adam “Killa“ Sloss – Twitter: @Fariko_KiLLa



Legendary duo ASSASS1N and Moho have been brought together yet again to form FeaR’s competitive CoD team alongside Sharp and Dedo. Often the fan favorite at events, FeaR has been a top performing LAN team since CoD 4 and will without a doubt reign down their very rushy and offensive playstyle in fashion this weekend.

Team Information:
  • Joey “Moho” Morehouse – Twitter: @FeaRMoho
  • Robert “Assass1n” Walsh – Twitter: @ASSASS1N
  • Sharpy” – Twitter:@FeaRSharp
  • Ken “Dedo” Dedo – Twitter: @FeaRDedo



A band of players that turned Free Agents after Frag Cup 4, Felonies, Plut0, Saints and Sureshot have chosen to team under the name of Inlfuence for UMG. Capable, yet underrated by most, the members have adapted their in-game strategies to beat even the best of teams. Such dominance is set to be displayed from beginning to end.

Team Information:
  • Renato “Saints” Forza – Twitter: @MLGSaints
  • DeAnt’e “SureShot” - Twitter: @SureShot_nova
  • Jake “Felonies” Sabo – Twitter: @MLG_Felonies
  • “Pluto” – Twitter: @Plu7o


OpTic Gaming

By far one of the most accomplished organizations in competitive Call of Duty history, BigTymer, Nadeshot, Merk and Scump will be representing this weekend to stake a claim at yet another tournament of high competition. Each player brings their own unique way of playing to the table, and combined deliver a dynamic mix of strategies set to blow away competition.

Team Information:
  • Mathew “Nadeshot” Haag – Twitter: @OpTic_NaDeSHoT
  • Will “BigTymer” Johnson – Twitter: @OpTic_BigTymeR
  • Joe “Merk” Deluca – Twitter: @OpTic_Merk
  • Seth “Scump” Abner – Twitter: @OpTicScumpii



Consisting of Rambo, Clayster, Intake and Parasite, RNX  will make it’s official competitive debut this weekend. Lead by their fearless leader and expert strategist, Rambo, the team is projected to finish in the Top 5 after many observed how they play against other top teams. A set of players that is more so known for their “clutch” playstyle, RNX is ready to surpass anything that crosses them their path on the way to the top.

Team Information:
  • Ray “Rambo” Lussier – Twitter: @RNX_Rambo
  • Jake “Intake” – Twitter: @RNX_Intake
  • Christopher “Parasite” Duarte – Twitter: RNX_Parasite
  • “Clayster” – Twitter: @RNX_Clayster


Twisted Method

After gaining a lengthy list of accomplishments in Black Ops, TM went under the radar for the competitive season of Modern Warfare 3, but has been reformed by Solo. The players he has recruited to battle alongside him at UMG are Apathy, Mirx and Rizma. With a top 32 performance in Frag Cup 4, TM is more ready than ever to set an example. And no better time to do so than at the first Black Ops 2 LAN event of the season.

Team Information:
  • Michael “Solo” Lim – Twitter: @Solo_tM
  • Alex “Rizma”– Twitter: @Rizma_tM
  • Marcus “MiRx” – Twitter: @MiRx_tM
  • Bryan “Apathy” Z – Twitter: @Apathy_tM



The squad of Bobby, Huhdle, Spacely and Slacked have gained momentum and much attention after finishing 2nd in Frag Cup 4. The team forces a very up-in-your-face playstyle that catches most off guard. Nothing less than motivated,  they are looking to make as much of a splash at the 10k LAN as they did online.

Team Information:
  • Mike “Spacely” Space – Twitter: @UNITE_Spacely
  • Huhdle”– Twitter: @UNITE_Huhdle
  • Josiah “Slacked” – Twitter: @UNITE_Slacked
  • Bobby “Bobby” Hamwi – Twitter: @Bobby_xD


With such a high level of competition at the event, who will come out on top? Be sure to tune into the official UMG stream to catch the tournament right as it starts:


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